Stop a Job

Quick Look

From the CLI:

$ floyd stop <username>/projects/<project_name>/<job_number>

From floydhub.com: Stop Job

You can stop a queued or running job using Floyd CLI or using the web interface on floydhub.com.

Using the CLI

A job can be stopped using the floyd stop command and passing it the name of your job, as shown below:

$ floyd stop mckay/projects/ssh/2
Experiment shutdown request submitted. Check status to confirm shutdown

Floyd CLI is fairly smart at resolving job names. It defaults to using your username, the project initialized in the directory you're working in, and the latest job number. So if you don't pass a job name to floyd stop, it will stop your most recent job. Here are a couple examples of shortened job names that are valid:

# Stops the most recent job for your user's project called 'foo'
$ floyd stop foo
# Stops job 2 for your user's project called 'foo'
$ floyd stop foo/2

To check the status of your job to make sure it has shut down properly, use the floyd status command, as shown below:

$ floyd status mckay/projects/ssh/2
---------------------------  --------------  --------  -------------  ----------  -------------
mckay/projects/ssh/2         47 seconds ago  shutdown             24  c1

The same job-name shortcuts available for floyd stop are available whenever you need to specify a job name, including with floyd status <job_name>.

Using floydhub.com

On the project page, click the Cancel button below the icon that shows the status of your job, as shown in the picture below:

Stop Job

Then click the Confirm button in the modal that pops up: Stop Job Confirm

The status of your job will update to Shutdown when your job has successfully been canceled.