SSH into a Job

Quick Look

$ floyd run --mode jupyter

Jupyter Notebook Terminal Session

You can start a bash session into your job's environment by running your job in Jupyter Notebook mode:

$ floyd run --mode jupyter
Creating project run. Total upload size: 183.0B
Syncing code ...
[================================] 916/916 - 00:00:00


Setting up your instance and waiting for Jupyter notebook to become available

Path to jupyter notebook: https://floydhub.com/notebooks/YXau92xMFUshUbMdKqKVVX

When you visit your running Jupyter Notebook in the browser, click the New button in the top right corner of the screen and select the Terminal option as shown below:

Jupyter Notebook Terminal Button

That button will launch a terminal session in your running instance with root access: Jupyter Notebook Terminal Session

Currently, FloydHub does not offer true SSH access into instances, but the method described above is sufficient for what most users request SSH for.