Using Previous Output in a New Job

You can link jobs by mounting the output of one job as the input of a new job. This allows you to iterate on the ouput of a past job. Output is mounted to a job in the same way data is. To learn more about mounting data, see this guide.

You can refer to the output of a job by its name. For example: mckay/projects/quick-start/1/ refers to the output of the job mckay/projects/quick-start/1

Use the --data flag in the floyd run command, mount past output to a job, just as you would to mount a dataset. For example:

$ floyd run \
  --data mckay/projects/quick-start/1/:model "python train.py"

This will make the output of mckay/projects/quick-start/12 available at /floyd/input/model for the new job to use.

Note: You need to have access to a job to be able to mount its output.