Download Saved Output

Quick Look

On the job screen on floydhub.com:

Download Output

Or from the CLI:

$ floyd data clone <username>/<project_name>/<run_number>/output

After you've saved output from a job, you can download the output of the job on floydhub.com or from the CLI.

To learn how to re-use output in a new job, see this documentation.

From floydhub.com

From the job's page on floydhub.com, you can browse and download the output of the job by using the "Browse" and "Download" icons found on the "Output" tab:

Download Output

From the CLI

To open the browsing window from the CLI, use the floyd data clone command and pass it the path of the job's output:

$ floyd data clone mckay/projects/quick-start/1/output
Opening output directory in your browser ...

The path of the output is <your_username>/projects/<project_name>/<run_number>/output.