Delete a Job

You can delete an individual job by clicking on Delete job button on the Settings tab of the job's page on the web dashboard.

Example: https://www.floydhub.com/mckay/projects/quick-start/1/settings

Delete job

Deleting a job using the CLI

You can also delete a job from the CLI using the floyd delete command.

$ floyd delete mckay/projects/quick-start/1

Delete Run: mckay/quick-start/1? [y/N]: y
Job mckay/quick-start/1 Deleted

Floyd CLI is fairly smart at resolving job names. It defaults to using your username, the project initialized in the directory you're working in, and the latest job number. So if you don't pass a job name to floyd delete, it will delete your most recent job. Here are a couple examples of shortened job names that are valid:

# Deletes the most recent job for your user's project called 'foo'
$ floyd delete foo
# Deletes job 2 for your user's project called 'foo'
$ floyd delete foo/2

The same job-name shortcuts available for floyd delete are available whenever you need to specify a job name, including with floyd status <job_name>.

For more information on using shortened names, see this article

Deleting output of a Job

It is not possible to delete just the output of a job. You will have to delete the job itself.