Delete a Dataset

To delete a dataset, click the Delete dataset button on the Settings tab of the dataset on the web dashboard.

Example: https://www.floydhub.com/alice/datasets/quick-start/settings

Dataset settings Delete dataset


Deleting a dataset will delete all its individual versions of data. This cannot be restored. Please be absolutely sure you want to delete a dataset before proceeding.

We recommend deleting individual data versions rather than the entire dataset.

Deleting an uploaded datasource

You can delete a particular version of a Dataset by clicking on Delete data button on the Settings tab of the data's page on the web dashboard.

Example: https://www.floydhub.com/alice/datasets/quick-start/1/settings

Delete data

Deleting an uploaded datasource from CLI

You can also delete an uploaded datasource from the CLI using the floyd data delete command.

$ floyd data delete alice/datasets/quick-start/1

Delete Data: alice/quick-start/1? [y/N]: y
Data alice/datasets/quick-start/1: Deleted