Quick Start - Jupyter Notebook

Follow this guide to learn how to spin up a Jupyter Notebook on FloydHub's deep-learning servers.

Quick Preparation Checklist

Quick Start

  1. Visit https://www.floydhub.com/projects/create and create a FloydHub project: create jupyter notebook

  2. In your terminal, use Floyd CLI to initialize the project (be sure to use the name you gave the project in step one):

    $ floyd init my_jupyter_project
    Project "my_jupyter_project" initialized in current directory
  3. Then, kick off your first Jupyter Notebook with floyd run --gpu --mode jupyter

    $ floyd run --mode jupyter
    Creating project run. Total upload size: 198.0B
    Syncing code ...
    [================================] 946/946 - 00:00:00
    Setting up your instance and waiting for Jupyter notebook to become available .............
    Path to jupyter notebook: https://floydlabs.com/notebooks/gaftzXTdaPtQtQ9NvEieNg

    This will open up a Jupyter Notebook in your browser. The notebook is running on FloyHub's GPU servers. Just like that, you're up and running!

Congratulations! You've just started your first Jupyter Notebook on FloydHub 🎉

To go a bit more in-depth and learn more about using Jupyter Notebooks on FloydHub, check out the Getting Started Tutorial - Jupyter Notebook or you can watch this 3-minute Lightning Video on running Jupyter Notebooks on FloydHub: