floyd restart

Restat/re-run a previous job


floyd restart JOB_NAME [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]


Name, shorthand Description
JOB_NAME Name or ID of your job.
All the [OPTIONS] and [COMMAND] of floyd run as documented here


Use this command to restart/re-run a previous job. Any [OPTIONS] or [COMMAND] passed to floyd restart will override the [OPTIONS] or [COMMAND] of the original job. This can be useful if you want to restart/re-run a previous job with different [OPTIONS] (like a different instance type), or override its [COMMAND].

When using floyd restart, a copy of your code is not uploaded (since the code of the previous job is used). This can save on startup time.

This command can take a shortened job name.


# Override the command
$ floyd restart mckay/projects/mnist/1 "python train.py"
# Run the job on a GPU server
$ floyd restart mckay/projects/mnist/1 --gpu
# Run the job with a new version of a dataset
$ floyd restart mckay/projects/mnist/1 --data mckay/datasets/mnist/1:mnist

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