floyd login

Login to Floyd.


floyd login


Name, shorthand Default Description
--token False If specified, browser will not open. You can paste your token in the command line.
Note: This is only supported with version 0.7.2+ of floyd-cli. If you get an error, please upgrade using pip install -U floyd-cli and try again
--username False FloydHub username. If specified, must include --password
--password False FloydHub password


You need to login to Floyd before running any other command. The login flow will require an access token from the Floydhub website. You will be prompted to enter you credentials to get your access token. Copy and paste the token on the command line to complete login.

Alternatively, you can use the username and password parameters to directly login from the command line. In case you run in to any issues logging in with username / password, try logging in with the token as explain above.


To automatically open your browser

$ floyd login
Authentication token page will now open in your browser. Continue? [Y/n]:
Please paste the token here:
Login Successful as alice

In case you use remote machines and do not have access to the browser, you can copy the token from the dashboard and use the --token parameter when you login.

$ floyd login --token
Please copy and paste the token here:
Login Successful as alice

If you are using the credentials directly:

$ floyd login --username alice --password <redacted>
Login Successful as alice

Authentication Tokens

Floyd uses Json Web Tokens for authentication. Your token will be stored in the ~/.floydconfig file. They are valid for 7 days after which you need to login again. This file will be removed when you logout.

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