floyd login

Login to Floyd.


floyd login


Name, shorthand Default Description
--username False FloydHub username. If specified, must include --password
--password False FloydHub password
--token False If specified, authentication token will be used instead of credentials


You need to login to FloydHub before running any other command. You can use your FloydHub username and password to login. Alternatively you can also use the access token available in the Auth Token page on the website to login.


$ floyd login
Login with your FloydHub username and password to run jobs.
Username [alice]: alice
Login Successful as alice

For automated systems use the authentication token.

$ floyd login --token
Please paste the authentication token from https://www.floydhub.com/settings/security.
This is an invisible field. Paste token and press ENTER:
Login Successful as alice

You can also specify the credentials on the command line.

$ floyd login --username alice --password <redacted>
Login Successful as alice

Authentication Tokens

Floyd uses Json Web Tokens for authentication. Your token will be stored in the ~/.floydconfig file. They are valid for 7 days after which you need to login again. This file will be removed when you logout.

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