floyd init

Initialize a Floyd project.


floyd init PROJECT_NAME


Name, shorthand Default Description
PROJECT_NAME Name of your project (Pick a name from the projects page in web dashboard)


This command initializes the current directory for a given project name and tracks all the files and subdirectories. Make sure that the project name you enter here already exists in Floyd. In case the project name does not exist, the CLI will open the create project page in your browser.

To initialize a new dataset you should use floyd data init command.

The init command also creates a .floydignore file. Any files and directories you do not want Floyd to track can be added to this file. When you run your project on Floyd, these files will not be uploaded. More details on how floydignore file works is available here.


Initialize a floyd project in your project directory.

$ cd /code/project
$ floyd init style-transfer
Project "style-transfer" initialized in current directory

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