floyd info

View the details of a job.


floyd info [OPTIONS] NAME


Name, shorthand Default Description
NAME or ID Name or ID of your job.


This command gives detailed information about your job.

This command can take a shortened job name.

Some useful information about the information this command provides:

Output Name

Output name is the reference to the output generated by your run.


If your job is running in serve mode, you can get their URL here.


$ floyd info floydhub/projects/mnist-tensorboard/1
-----------  ----------------------------------------
Job name     floydhub/projects/mnist-tensorboard/1
Output name  floydhub/projects/mnist-tensorboard/1
Created      19 hours ago
Status       success
Duration(s)  16
Instance     g1
Description  Test
Metrics      Eval - Accuracy=98.93
-----------  ----------------------------------------

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