floyd delete

Delete one or more floyd jobs.


floyd delete [IDS]


Name, shorthand Default Description
IDS One or more IDs of your job.
--yes, -y False Skip delete confirmation step


Deletes a job from FloydHub. The experiment information is no longer available. You will not be able to access the code uploaded to run the experiment. You need to make sure that the project is currently not running. If so, you can use the stop command for that.

Note: You do not have to be in the project directory to run this command.

This command can take a shortened job name.


$ floyd delete floydhub/projects/fastText/1 floydhub/projects/cnr/1
Delete Run: floydhub/projects/fastText/1? [y/N]: y
Experiment deleted
Delete Run: floydhub/projects/cnr/1? [y/N]: y
Experiment deleted

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